No PWM Communication between roborio and Talons

The RSL light is orange on the power distribution panel and it says in the manual that that likely means lack of connection between roborio and Talons through the PWM wire. Wondering if anyone else has had similar issues and what their fixes to it where. We have it wired correctly afaik as according to the manual.

A yellow status light on the PDP means that CAN is working.

The RSL is only on the roboRIO, and is unrelated to CAN operations.

The way to check on Talon communications i through using the Phoenix Tuner.

Ok a few things here.

The RSL is the large light that plugs directly into the roboRIO and shows when the robot is enabled. Is this the light you’re talking about or another one? The lights on the PDP can be orange, but they aren’t the RSL. The Talons also have orange lights, but they’re not RSLs either.

The PDP doesn’t connect to the roboRIO via PWM, it uses CAN. Having or not having that connection will change the color of the LEDs on the PDP, but not the RSL status or the color of the motor controller lights.

What type of Talons are we talking about, Talon SR or Talon SRX? Talon SRs connect to the roboRIO via PWM, and not having that connection would make their status lights be solid orange. Talon SRXs usually connect via CAN, and they would have orange lights if the CAN wasn’t connected.

Yep, I mispoke. The rsl light was on the roboio. But upon re-imaging the rio it fixed the problem. Forgot that important step haha

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