No PWM from controller

  • dont answer unless you know the answer or have a close logical idea *
    We do not have any PWM output control… they get power and all wires are oriented correctly. All PWM’s get signals… thinking its a faulty controller…
    Thank you
    -team 1108

Just to clarify a couple things :slight_smile:

Are you using the default code? The PWMs are solid orange and not blinking, correct?

we had a problem like that but I fixed it today. our camera worked but our RC wasn’t showing any results. we have our cam on pwm1= p1_x and pwm2=p1_y and our RC Conroller is on PWM04 and PWM05.(we worked with the default “bells and whistles” codeing)

Have you buillt a dongle to plug into the competition port to enable the robot? Just be sure that there is no shorts in the connector. Are there any indications on the LEDs on the RC that may indicate a problem. We need a little more info to help.

For other teams, this is very hady little device and you can find the details on the IFI website.

You don’t give enough information for someone to know the answer.

To start with, you should tell us what version of code you are using and what modifications you’ve made to it. Also tell us what PWMs you are using and what joysticks you have hooked up on the OI. As Al said, let us know if you are using a competition port dongle.

well they led’s are blinking but when we hook them up to last years controller they work fine. our tether got ripped off because the wire was screwed on and someone tripped on it… now there are only 4 of the pins left on the tether and and we think maybe they touched and shorted out the whole controller and now its shot… we think… we are hoping that its not that but as of yet we havent thought of anything else… i think that answers most of your questions… we will be on later … our team email is [email protected] if you have any suggestions and would like to get them directly to us
thanks you

That pretty much tells it all. Without the tether there can be no communication when wired. It is likely that the connector tore away some of the board traces when the damage occurred so even on radio modem it might not work. Do not pass go do not collect $200, get on the phone right away with IFI tech support so you can arrange for repair and possible loaner. They are very good about these things.

P.S. Don’t feel bad, you aren’t the first ones to trip over a cable and rip a connector out of the IFI controllers. Be happy that this didn’t occur just before your last match for the Championship.

Well… I think thats a pretty big problem. IIRC you need the tether port to pass inspection. (They have you tether the robot and check a few things) It’s probably time to contact IFI and ask about repair/replacement. In the mean time, take a good look at the broken tether port… make sure there is nothing in it that is causing pins to short together.

You’ve probably already learned this, but the only thing that should be screwed into the RC is the radio cable. If your programming/tether cable gets pulled out, nothing bad happens… you just reach over and plug it back in. But if it was screwed in… well you know what happens already.

yeah well we arent having to communicate with it cause we already had the program loaded before it got broken… theres nothing in the port because the whole port ripped off… there are only four pins and we have them elec. taped off so they dont touch… thats all we have for now but its not looking good…
again thanks and if you get any other ideas please let us know.

ok we got it figured out. its is working and quite alright. thank you everyone you have been a big help.(our camera code in the program was telling the controller to not read PWM’s)

If this is the 06 RC, I really, really hope you contacted IFI already. While I can’t find the checklist right now, I know that last year, we were required to power on the robot for two reasons:

  1. Verify correct team number
  2. Verify correct firmware version
  3. Verify correct operation of pneumatics.

If you can’t tether, you won’t be able to pass inspection (No radio’s in the pits)