No response from speed controllers

after installing all the updates and putting the newest cRIO image on the cRIO, our test robot works perfectly. as soon as i download the default labview code, i get no response from the speed controllers. where should i look to fix this?

You should check all the settings in the Basic Robot (if you are using the basic setup). Maybe the USB ports are off, or perhaps it’s not talking to the correct jaguar, etc.

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i believe that the problem is that we are not successfully deploying the code; it works while we have the program running on the computer, but as soon as the computer is disconnected, it won’t run.

I had the exact same problem. The root cause it that the correct DIO is not assigned by default.

Open the “Drive Open 2 motor” VI on the left side of the motion loop. Switch to the block diagram and add the slot number of the DIO you are using to the two “Motor Open Jaguar” vi’s, the default would be “Slot 4”.

You can not disconnect the computer to the robot if you want the cRio program to run. I’m not sure what the cause is and I don’t know how it’ll be at the competition.

Are you actually deploying the code to the cRIO (burning the image to the system and telling it to run on startup) or are you just flashing it to the cRIO (what happens by default)?

One will work with the computer (flashing) and one will run without any knowledge of a computer (burning/deploying).


There are two main ways to get your code on the cRIO using Labview. One way loads the program into the cRio’s RAM and requires a connection be maintained with the host computer. The other way deploys the program into the cRio’s flash memory and does not allow for a computer connection for front-panel debugging (the computer can still be connected for the dashboard).

To read more about these two methods and how to perform each see Chapter 5 of the FRC Programming Guide specifically pages 5-6 and 5-7.