No robot code, but can start it manually

I’ve setup robotpy 2017.0.2 on my rio and pushed a very simple project to it. Deploy goes ok, but the dashboard says no robot code. So I ssh’d into the rio and started the code manually and then everything started working. Dug around a little bit and I can’t find a cause for it, anyone have any thoughts? Thanks!

I just took some code and pushed it to the roborio via usb, worked fine. Driver’s station reports it perfectly. Don’t know what to say bud.

The best way to check this would be to try using the --nc flag to the deploy command to see if there’s any error messages that show up. You can also look at the console in the driver station to see if messages show up there (it’ll show the same thing).

I’m working with Dave, these are the messages we see in in the Driver Station

env: can’t execute ‘/usr/local/frc/bin/netconsole-host’: No such file or directory

Warning 44002 Ping Results: link-bad, DS radio(.4)-bad, robot radio(.1)-bad, cRIO(.2)-bad, FMS-bad FRC: Driver Station ping status has changed. Driver Station

Did you install using the manual instructions, or by using the installer?

In the RobotPy installation package, there’s a directory called ‘opkg_cache’, and it should have two packages… Python and netconsole-host. If you don’t install netconsole-host, you’ll get that error. If you use the ‘install-robotpy’ installer command, it should already do that for you.

Feel free to get on the RobotPy gitter channel and I can assist in realtime.

To follow up with others, they were installing last year’s release of RobotPy, which is why netconsole-host wasn’t being installed. :slight_smile: