No Robot Code; Can't get code on main bot

Greetings FRC teamers!

Our driver station is telling us that there is No Robot Code, but I’ve built and deployed the code to the main bot successfully several times now. The code operated correctly Saturday, but did not operate on Sunday. No code changes were made until today, Monday.

Our cRIO was edited; we took the section from one port and used it to replace another faulty section that deploys the code on the bot. However, this change was also only made today.

What is going on? Is there something we aren’t doing right? Please help ASAP!

By any chance did you reimage the cRIO? I’ve heard from a lot of teams that the latest update, v. 28, causes similar problems.

Yes; we re-imaged before trying to build and deploy the code.

We have now been able to get the code on the cRIO, but only after switching to an entirely new cRIO. We have come to the conclusion that faulty hardware was to blame.

Thanks for all your help everyone!