No Robot Code on Driver Station

If anyone could help that would be great!

Using Windriver
Updates currently installed: Workbench, utilities, and driver station
Driver station displays connection and shows the firmware v43 is currently installed on cRio
We hit deploy on First<Deploy when using Windriver
No errors and displays in bottom - successfully deployed
We have checked in cRio and found the file

On Driver Station

Robot connection light green
Robot Code light still red (not found)
Continuously connects then disconnects

Try running a kernel task instead of deploying it and seeing if you get any errors such as an Unresolved Symbol. Are you using the new Command based methodology?

Get a target console up, and you should see some errors.

An easy one this year is if your modules are in the wrong slots. Whereas the digital sidecar was cRio slot 4 last year, it is now slot 2.

Slot 1: Analog
Slot 2: Digital
Slot 3: Solenoid

Go to window then Preferences and under First Downloader, make sure your team number is there and the path to your executable.