No robot code without laptop

Our team is currently in the process of switching to labview and have been having some good success with it. However we have noticed that although the code is working fine, when we disconnect the laptop we are programming with from the robot and proceed to connect a separate laptop for a driver station we have no robot code. After a bit of troubleshooting we noticed it occurred the second we stopped the labview program. Does this mean we aren’t actually pushing code but rather running it off of our laptop? Any suggestions/help appreciated.

Sounds like you are running and you are asking how to deploy:

Just to add a bit to the answer; the way to debug code is to run the LabVIEW VIs directly. For the roboRIO, this means the computer and roboRIO compare notes to see what it already has versus what it needs, and the computer ensures that the latest edits are compiled, sent to the roboRIO, and loaded into memory. This allows for quick turn-around edits and runs.

When you want to make the code auto-run, you follow the screen steps to actually build an EXE and deploy that to the disk of the roboRIO.

Greg McKaskle