No robot code

We loaded updates as directed and were able to load the cRIO successfully with some test code. However when we connected the drivers station, communications was ‘green’, but unfortunately there was “no robot code”. We did not update anything in the cRIO from last year (no FPGA update). We did not get a chance to update the cRIO with the FPGA update specified in Team Update #12 - not sure that would even cause the issue.
Any hints?

Also, the successive team updates result in ‘dribbling out’ the necessary software updates. Is there a one-stop shop for ALL required updates? This would greatly help in proper configuration of software for development software, cRIO and drivers station software.

I believe that you need to do the update on the cRio to be able to run it with an updated DS.

After reimaging the CRIO, programs must be redeployed. So what you are seeing is expected behavior.

The best place to check for software updates is here:

At regionals, they are checking for latest CRIO image and latest Driver Station program. So save yourself some angst and try to have these updated before getting to the competition.

Yea, you must update the cRIO to match the development libraries you are using for your test code.

Keep the PC and cRIO in sync at all times.

Everything is linked from the Software Updates page.

Thanks. I wasn’t sure since the NI site stated this:

"This software is the third mandatory update for the LabVIEW portion of the FIRST Robotics Competition Software 2011. You MUST install this update in order to compete in the FIRST Robotics Competition.

This software update is meant to be installed ONLY after installing LabVIEW FRC from the DVD that comes with the 2011 Controls Kit."

It doesn’t explicitly state that this is a labview development software update, cRIO update or both. The last sentence seems to indicate that it’s only a development software update and the FPGA update called out in team update 12 (image version FRC_2011_v28) is something else. I can’t even correlate the v28 image version with the FPGA version bundled with FRC 2011 LV Update 3.2. I haven’t tried to use the imager software to figure out if I have the right FPGA image. Maybe the LV update 3.2 contains an FPGA image that is older than the v28. If that is the case, where can I find v28?

It kind of makes my head spin.
Any comments?
In the company I work for, we have a configuration management process that calls out all the CSCI’s (computer software configuration item) necessary for a particular build of software rolled up into one identification number. This would be extremely helpful to avoid what has happened to us occasionally at competitions where an inspector views our software version and checks against his list and states we need to update our software.

The last statement is only saying that in order to get the FRC updates for your labview install you have to have labview installed first. And that the update will not work unless labview is already installed.