No Robot Code

I have successfully imaged the roboRIO and deployed the code, but it says there is no robot code in the DS. I have tried several things I found on the internet, none of which seemed to work. The roboRIO should be fully functional and the programming has been tested and works fine. If anyone has any ideas for a solution, please tell me or redirect me to a helpful thread.


EDIT: I am using LabView

Are you sure you are deploying the code successfully – can you post your deploy log? Are there any errors in the error console on the right side of the driver station?

It is sending a successful deployment message and no errors are shown. The DS simply acts as if there is no code being deployed.

Trouble-shooting questions:

  1. Can you go through the steps you took to deploy the code?
  2. Is the DS green for “Robot Communications”?
  3. Did you right click on “Build Specifications” and click on build?
  4. Afterwards, did you deploy the code by clicking on “Run as Startup”?

The communications light is green, in order to deploy I imaged and formatted the roboRIO and then ran the robot main VI, which then went to a deploying loading screen and gave a successful completion message. The robot is not currently configured to run code at startup, and I cannot currently access it at the moment, although later today I will be able to.

Can you try to create a new robot project and try to deploy that with no changes to the default code?

The only change to the default code was a disable structure on the vision segment of robot main and an extra joystick added for tank drive.

Don’t run from robot main for now until you understand how that operates (and doesn’t operate).
That only puts code temporarily onto the roboRIO. You can work out what steps you are missing running that way later.

First, put a permanent copy of your code onto the roboRIO using *Build *and *Run as startup * as Nirnaeth described and get that working.
Steps are here:
Then whenever you power cycle the robot, or connect and disconnect, you will still have some code running.

Okay, thanks for the help

I have run as startup after building and successfully deployed, but the DS still says no robot code. Occasionally I will get an error,
but this does not seem to be obstructing anything and I usually do not get it.
If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Are you sure you selected roboRIO and not cRIO when creating your project?

EDIT: You can ‘simulate’ the robot program to check if it crashes before it reports its state to the DS. To do so, check this tutorial: [FRC 2016] Robot Simulation Tutorial - NI Community

Thanks for the help everyone. We got it to work. :smiley: :smiley:

What turned out to be the fix (for future folks who have the same issue and find this thread on a search)?

I have re-imaged the Roborio and reset it. I go to upload the code and it says it was successful. Then I go onto the driver station and I get communication but no code. Can you please help me! I’m also a Labview user.

Did you follow these steps to put your code on the roboRIO permanently?

CHenry, are you working tonight. If needed, I can call and discuss this with you tonight or later in the week. One of your mentors has my contact information (Gregg from 1108). PM me through this forum with your contact information.

Yes we did all of those steps.

Looking at the posted image, it looks like they chose cRio instead of roboRio. Our team made the same mistake early last week! :stuck_out_tongue:

We got it working last night. There was something in the code that was making the roborio crash.