No Robot Communication

Hey CD. I’m stuck with a communications issue between my driver station and our practice robot.

Here is what I know and maybe (I’m hoping), you can help us out:

  1. Practice bot works just fine with the FIRST issued Classmate with the updated driver station.
  2. Practice bot does not communicate with a different laptop we bought just for the team. Driver station is the same as that on the Classmate.
  3. We’ve re-imaged the RoboRio.
  4. We’ve redeployed code.
  5. We’ve reconfigured the radio. (We use Team 7234 for our practice robot so there is no confusion)
  6. When connected to the radio (labeled 7234), we see “connection is limited”. This is also the case on the Classmate, but the practice bot communicates just fine with the Classmate.
  7. In the diagnostics tab of the driver station, I receive no error codes, but there is a green light next to “Bridge”. That seems to me that it recognizes the bridge.
  8. We’ve turned off all firewalls on the laptop in case that was the issue and there are no Proxies set up.

We’re stumped. Can you help us out?

Thanks! Team 4327, Q Branch

Is the TCP/IP networking on the non-communicating laptop set to DHCP?

Try disabling IPV6 if it’s enabled.

Can you ping the roboRIO-7234.local address?


If I see you. I will hug you. You rock.