No Robot Needed


Time to get our human player to be able to calculate how to swing triangle boomerangs. I would recommend lowering volume level of the screaming next time.

I was honestly just thinking this morning that at least one team would probably end up doing that. When I saw the topic title, I knew exactly what it would be a video of. So awesome.

Wow. Nice throw! Whoever does that in competition is going to get some publicity for sure!

Team Update 13:

LOGO PIECES must be scored by ROBOTS.

I can see it now.

Isn’t the triangle supposed to be on the left peg? Just Kidding :p. Nice throws! We definitely need to be doing some practice throws with our drivers.

While this kind of throw is impressive, I wonder if the minibot towers will block the tubes. Has anyone tried throwing with the towers up as obstacles?

While we weren’t scoring on the racks, it was definitely possible to throw around the towers and into the alliance scoring zone. Especially with the circles.

There were a lot of people trying this at the pre-ship scrimmage in Georgia, and plenty of tubes ended up flying out of bounds. It’ll be interesting at competitions to watch what the human players try doing.

Nice throw, now we need to get the thrower some 24" Lady Ga Ga heels to wear so he can use that throwing style without bouncing the tube off of the driver station wall (or give him lots of practice time aiming throws through the Feeder Slot).

There is two weeks time for people to be able to drill in the motions into their body. I am guessing at the scrimmage no one really placed time into practicing because of concentrating on build season, and the fact they are not drive-team puts less priority on practice.

oh snap