No Robovation for Veteran Teams??

I must say I find it discouraging to receive no Robovation kit this year. Realizing the increase of registration fees I do not understand only suppling the Robovation kit to rookie teams. I was going to email Paul Shay and relay my displeasure but cannot locate his email, or any regional F.I.R.S.T. managers for that matter. Am i missing something on the F.I.R.S.T. website? I do notice however, contact information concerning paying the registration bill.

At the bottom of the the main page, is a link to ‘Contact Us’](

You will find the information you were looking for there.


i think you are looking at this the wrong way. this is the way it has been since they introduced the edu bot. the only reason vet teams got one last year was because the OI and RC changed and there needed to be one that accepted c programing. also with the new Radio Controls using standard airplane ones utilizing both would require your team to spend extra money. it is obvious that teams are upset about the increase in cost but you can;t make a direct correlation to 1 specific item, if you want to think about it like that. would you rather every vet team get a Robovation kit but be charged 1500 more instead of 1000

I’m not upset, and we have budgeted to get another one as well. I am a High School teacher and was hoping to get one annually to supplement a new systems control class. I am well aware of costs as I have been a team leader for going into 6th season this year. I remember when there was no Edubot, all there was, was the kit of parts.

i am wondering where you have seen any official note of no Robovation kit for returning teams. I still have yet to see any official first document saying Robovation kits will only be dispersed to rookie teams.

Well, says “Rookie FIRST Robovation shipment” but lacks any veteran information. So I guess that’s the sole proof.

Information, not lack of it, brings proof. :slight_smile: But I do agree that most likely it is as you said.

I believe if you go to the Robovation link under team resources is where it states only rookie teams recieve robovation. I just assumed we would get another this year. I guess I should have learned by now about assuming. LOL

they have never given veteran teams one unless the RC changed. teams first got the edu-bot in 2002 and then not in 2003, but a new one was given in 2004 because the processor changed. unless there is another change in the RC this year vet teams will not get them