No Secrets this year?

Posted by Justin at 1/7/2001 3:07 PM EST

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Hello Everyone,

It has been my observation this year that is seems almost counter productive to keep your strategy and design of the robot a secret. I think that people are going to have a very very hard time disengaging from the idea that the goal is to win…that really isn’t even the goal this year it’s to score the most points…sure there’s gonna be a champion but it is in the interest of that champion to raise the ablities of the teams around them in order to boost thier own score…so if we increase the ablities of the entire FIRST community then that increases your own chances of winning.

What are ppl’s thoughts on this??


Posted by Robby at 1/7/2001 3:20 PM EST

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Posted by Justin on 1/7/2001 3:07 PM EST:

Good thoughts. I totally agree. One problem: Ego’s and high positions. Now this is not to say everybody does this, but there may be people in high positions on a team that wont allow this because they have the, uh, genetic hangover thing going on (Yknow, stick is to rock as bat is to…). As for me, any designs I come up with will be on my website.

If my team asks me to stop, then I will bring up your thoughts as well as what Dean and Woodies new focus is this year. If they decline, I may have to stop. But don’t count on it for designs we dont go with, mwu hu hu hu hahaha! My site link is below, so as long as it’s up, everythings good (Then again, Tom Gray DID take a trip to the Kickoff). Besides, good web design will get your team rolling for the visualization award much quicker. So if you want an award reason to do it, there ya go. Good luck everyone. I have a feeling we’ll be needing it.

-Robby O, He who stayeth gratefulleyeth at Kateths houseth at the Kickoffeth. Bad grammer. Goooood humor!

Posted by Ken Leung at 1/7/2001 6:11 PM EST

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Posted by Robby on 1/7/2001 3:20 PM EST:

But one thing about showing designs is to not do it too early. That will totally ruin the surprise of the competition (if any), and if you show it too early people can really change their designs a little to fit others better. You know, it’s really the pairing up with random robots at qualifing rounds what have all the fun in the competition. After that, it’s just consistency of doing the most efficient moves that will bring teams the same score over and over again. And you know, there are not going to be many change of strategies in this year’s game. But I might be wrong…