No Tator Travel out of state

Just received notice that Boise School District is not allowing out of state travel for any district-sponsored teams until further notice including summer months. :disappointed_relieved: Pretty much gutted by this news but understand the rationale. Waiting to hear the status of Idaho Regional as it has traditionally hosted many out of state teams. Looking forward to 2021!


Our district just said the same thing

Difficult to see Houston CMP happening now that the mayor of Houston has just canceled the last 11 days of the Livestock Show and Rodeo due to Coronavirus health concerns. Patiently awaiting word from FIRST HQ…

1 championship in Detroit almost sounds like it could be real

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With FiM postponed, I’m not even sure about that.


Very unlikely that an effective medical solution will be developed, approved and distributed in the two week period between Houston and Detroit.

Turn out the lights, the party is over.


Very sorry to hear this news. Our school district has also cancelled all field trip events for our team, which means that our season is likewise finished. It was a blast playing with and against your team at Utah, and your robot had so much potential. Looking forward to meeting you all again in the near future!

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We are bummed we dont get to see 2122 in Calgary this season!!

Just not fair, but understandable. Also eagerly awaiting news about Idaho and Champs as we just loaded in at San Diego. Fearing this might be our last regional and feeling fortunate that we managed to dodge all the postponements to get two regionals to reward our students for their hard work. Hope we are able to visit Idaho in a couple weeks, but I think the odds are diminishing quickly. Sorry to hear you’ve been restricted from traveling.



Good luck Evan! Will be watching SDR.

Or not.

From Janet McKinley, RD for N. Cal.

Good Morning FRC Teams,

I am writing to share hugely disheartening news that as a result of the quickly evolving COVID-19 situation and the California Governor’s announcement of new guidelines released by the California Public Health Department that large gatherings over 250 people should be postponed or canceled, we have made the decision with leadership at FIRST Headquarters to postpone the Central Valley Regional effective immediately .

California Health Department Policy:

This was specifically about CVR.
It looks like all California Regionals are now postponed.

Now that the season has been suspended, perhaps we can still play together at a rescheduled date for Canadian Rockies…fingers crossed.

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I didnt realize that the AD we just hired at our school came from your school. I just mentioned to him that we both teamed up at LAN.

Hey, what a coincidence, I heard he went to Hawaii, no idea it was your place. good to hear he found a great school. Still reeling from the news.

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He was at our school for a year before going to yours and back here. Small World!

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