No Video Feed to FRC Dashboard (17.1.0)

We are having issues seeing video from the Axis M1013 camera in the FRC PC Dashboard. We have tried both the Default PC Dashboard as well as the Java. This is what we have:

Ethernet Connected Axis M1013, set to DHCP & DNS name to axis-camera, user/pass FRC/FRC

We can see video output from the web admin page of the Axis M1013 and we can see the camera’s IP on the same subnet with the RoboRio. We used the AxisCameraSetup Executable, and have set up the correct username & password (FRC/FRC).

In the FRC Drivestation, with Default LabView Dashboard, the dropdown says No Camera Selection; no other options.

In the Javastream Dashboard, we’ve tried both the MJPG Stream Viewer & CameraServer Stream Viewer, we can set the URL, which we’ve tried to set to an IP or the host name, and still no camera image.

We’ve seen several forum posts, from over the years about this issue, but haven’t seen a solution. in addition, we’ve triple checked our robot’s wiring and nothing seems amiss.

Any thoughts on how to get the video image connected?