No water game this year

There is unlikely to be enough water in Atlanta this year to do a water game.

Well then I guess we’ll just have to use salt water, lets start construction on the pipeline now to be ready!

Maybe no water in the game, but it very well may be an environmental-based game – like putting water pipes together to connect a desal plant to a major city.


Better get working on that all-aluminum corrosion resistant transmission… I don’t think you can even buy non-ferrous ball bearings! :yikes:

I hope the field doesn’t smell too much like low tide… :rolleyes:


Actually, fully ceramic ball bearing are pretty easy to find. Incredibly expensive, but easy to find. For example:

There’s also various plastic options and other such things as well.

well, living in marietta, GA I am happy to say …ITS RAINING!!! WHOO:ahh: :smiley: …now the question is…will it be enough.

The president has declared a state of emergency for georgia so maybe we can get florida and alabama to slow down on the water use too cuz thats where all the waters are being released to.

Im read for this water ban to be over cuz my truck has been muddy for almost a month now…:o

I visited some friends in Atlanta this past weekend. Apparently hospitals are exempt from water bans, because the hospital on Alpharetta Highway north of Roswell had at least 20 sprinklers going at 11pm Saturday night. …

No way- they’ll just use dehydrated water. It’s easier on the electronics and the event floors.[/quote]

yea it was not too bad a few weeks back, but since then the ban is very very strict. they have even asked our house to use less water…apperently we use 645% more water than our neighborhood average…i cant help if we have 8 people living at my house right now. They have even threatened a fine!

DAD, MOM, sister#2, me
sister#1 and brother inlaw are stayin over cuz there house is being renovated
Gandparents are visiting from korea…

Its just going to be a dirt game. We are going to be using shovel bots to dig for gold. Anyone who strikes oil gets the 100 point bonus!

Well, our machine shop, and now my work, typically makes sacrificial zinc anodes, so I’ll see if they want to donate anodes.

But really, think about it. Water + Electrical = Bad Idea That is unless we are using diesel engines instead of batteries now, which might be a good idea.

Yea most likely no water game just think about it dropping 120 lb robots(electrical) into water not smart at all everyone will be electrified not to mention we will kill our very nice expensive robots

Yea we could have big rubber tires, independent suspension and front and rear diferentials.Time to get sponsored by JEEP. Now were building rock crawler,YEY.

FIRST wouldn’t use diesel as a power source. Think about trying to get all of the exhaust out of a stadium. The smell alone would be terrible.

Is it me or am I the only one who doesn’t find humor in the water game posts anymore?

I think that there won’t be water games for a while. People keep saying there can’t be water robotics, we’d be electricuted, but that’s not entirely true. The problem lies in saftey captains and paying attention to details/rules, specifically, if they forget to install a piece or decide to take a shortcut to save time. FIRST just isn’t due for water games, maybe they never will. All that really matters is if the game will be fun and engaging for the students, mentors, [and yes] even the volunteers.

I don’t find them funny either. I suggest that the next one million to propose such a thing be directed to a) the previous threads on the topic and b) the website for the underwater robotics competition (listed by blakcheez).

At first, “water game” was funny. Then it went to silly. Now it’s just dumb. Not to mention unrealistic for FIRST.

wit ha water game, the entire border of the feild would have to be redesigned. The current field borders were designed to be used for many years to save teh costs it takes to have a ton of them built and shipped out.

soo… water game = HIGHLY unlikely… for now. in future years things may change, and when a whole new generation is leading and we are nothing but mentors, THEN the water game we all have hoped for will come along :rolleyes:

or we have to distill the water ourselves!:eek:


Maybe first won’t do a water game, but that doesn’t mean they won’t do something outrageously different like sand, gravel…or GERBILS! Although cleanup would be a mess I think it’d be really fun goin over dunes, and definetly a challenge…when teams are still working on climbing silly ramps