No Way That's Gonna Happen!

Alright, what do you want to see in FRC even though you know there is now way its gonna happen.

Swimming Robots?
Flying Robots?
Flying Monkeys on the Field???:rolleyes:

Give us your random ideas, realistic or non-realistic!

Let me just throw it out there now…


WATER GAME! => this year, definitely

Water game is the most unlikely game out of all of that. And there are a number of reasons.

The logistics of that would be HUGE. That would require a complete over haul of rules, material, not to mention building the field at regionals would be crazy.

But the flying monkeys on the field seems…interesting…:D.

your’e not thinking ‘outside of the box’ enough :smiley:
…leaving us to dream

The water game is being done by someone else…

give it a try!

My “No Way That’s Gonna Happen!” is having a dirty, rocky playing field, like those fortunate extraterrestrial robots get to play on.

if you really want to think outside the box, then there would be nuclear warfare on the field!

…like thats gonna happen!
human players wearing jetpacks! thats what i would want to see! (and do)

now I like it :smiley:

I would actually argue that a water game is the most likely of the suggestions so far, simply because there are multiple competition models to build off of. (MATE, NURC, etc).

I would like to see a mostly autonomous game, or one where your controls are limited to only pre-programmed sequences (like hybrid mode last year)

a game that is simple, easily scored, interesting to play and with a minimal amount of referee decisions and petty rules…

Fill the field with packing peanuts. Or maybe balloons?

what about we ride the robots

Robots On Ice!!!

We are actually designing a robot that will work on ice and shoot hockey pucks for demonstrations at a local professional hockey team. We want to bring it out during intermission.

Thoughts are blades instead of wheels configured like omni wheel omni bots (four motors on four corners at 45 degrees). Than pick up the pucks and shoot them at the nets.

I’m going to go with Wayne-- I don’t think FRC has had one of those in years! (If it hasn’t been multipliers, it’s been ref judgment calls or seemingly minor rules that have a huge effect.)

As for outside-the-box, I’ll go with “house” robots that only get in the way, or that you have to score on. Preferably the latter, as the former has already been done.

Ha! we made one of those, we call it the magic carpet!

…I still have some troubleshooting to do with it though…

i think first should design a game with more interaction between teams, like you have to score on the other alliances robots somehow

multiple story playing field anyone?:rolleyes:

I want to see students operating robots with their minds. Check out these two links before you poo-poo the idea.

I like the cooperative type of game, especially with the new networking capabilities of this years control system. Imagine if the robots had to communicate information to the other robots on their team concerning track conditions or something of that nature. Even better if they had to discover who was on their team and act without the other alliance discovering them (that might be tough to do :yikes: )

What if they had teams had a round where teams would swap robots and use the other teams robots! It’s definitely not unrealistic, but the other team might be mad if you damaged their robot!:mad: