No Wireless Communication but Yes Wired

When we attach the ethernet cable between c-RIO and classmate we can communicate with the robot but when we try wireless connection, communication fails. We have configured the D-Link (Radio) properly but when we try wireless connection, on Driver Station c-RIO Image is unavailable but in wired connection it shows the v28 Image…

I’m waiting your help!!!

Is the Classmate able to see the “2905” wireless network? Is it able to connect to that network? Once the wireless connection is made, what IP address does your Classmate have?

Classmate is able to see the “2905” wireless network and it is also able to connect to network.

The IP address of the classmate is
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway

The default gateway ought to be, the address of the DAP.

I agree with the above post, the only other thing I could think of is that the cRio project is not aimed at the correct ip.

I have the same problem, when I try to connect to the robot wirelessly, it wont connect. It connects on every other computer we have. all of the information is set up correctly for the static IP but it wont work.

The bad thing is, I cant connect on our programming laptop :o

The wired and wireless connections have unique configurations for the NIC (Network Interface Controller). They may be on the same subnet, but they cannot be at the same IP at the same time. Be sure to look at the ipconfig or better yet, the adapter properties for IPV4 and determine if the Wireless is setup for the team IP and unique. By default the DS uses and

Once the Wireless IP is set, make sure the laptop wifi is on, and you should be able to click on the network glyph on the system tray. Do you see the team network listed? Is is connected? If the other laptops list the name otherwise known as the SSID, check to see the frequency of the laptop wifi and compare that to the dlink. It is possible to pick a frequency range that will not work with all laptops.

Greg McKaskle