Nobel Peace Prize for Dean Kamen

I don’t know how I came up with this, but I was just thinking that there really is no reason why Dean Kamen shouldn’t win a Nobel Peace Prize for his inventions. Well I’m not so sure about the Segway and stuff, but as I heard earlier he is currently working on a robotic prosthesis for amputees. If you didn’t already know he has invented more things than just the Segway or iBot, he also invented the first insulin pump and the AutoSyringe (of which my grandmother uses both because she is diabetic). He is also working on a water purification machine that can obviously purify water but also generates power. He plans on using these for third-world countries. I know that being nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is not that easy, because the Nobel Prize Commission must actually select you to nominate someone and the people they usually choose are university professors, so if you know any that have connections to someone like that talk to them about this because I truly think that his inventions are truly note worthy. And please leave your outtake on this matter. I maybe more sensitive to this considering my grandmother uses two of his inventions but either way I believe he should still be nominated.

A quick clarification here. The water purification machine does not make power. That product is called the sterling engine. It is a common mistake and they are related in their intended use but 2 separate things all together.

As for the nobel prize…I don’t think that dean has achieved the level of the nobel prize yet. That is not to say that he won’t but so far his products have not been “world changing.” Dean’s inventions are good and help many people every day but how is that different then the many other medical products out there? If he were to win the prize I believe that he would be more likely to get it because of FIRST then any specific invention so far.

I sorry but I tend to disagree, I usnderstand about the Sterling Engine I thought that was the water purification system, but he has made a big impact in the medical field, I believe that hundreds of millions of people use his medical inventions.

Trust me I know the water machine very well, and it does not create electricity.
The water is on the left, the sterling is on the right.

this may be true but how many people use band-aids but I don’t see the inventor getting the Nobel peace prize. I don’t think anyone can argue about the impact of his products but there are many people and companies that have similar impacts, so what sets dean apart?

Why Peace… Nobel Prizes are given for Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Medicine, Literature, Economics as well as Peace.

181 names were submitted for the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize, 46 of which are organizations. The Nobel Committees in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and the Prize Committee for Economics each usually receives 250-300 names every year. The names of the nominees cannot be revealed until 50 years later.

He may have been nominated and just not won… We do not know.

One thing about the Segway a lot of people don’t know about was that it’s original intention was to be a system capable of giving handicaped people the ability to be more meanuverable, granted the “normal” segway has gotten a lot more press.

When FIRST inspires over one million high school students in 50% of all countries, he may be considered for the Nobel Peace Prize. I think Woodie Flowers should share in the recognition, too.

This is why I LOVE the Segway, yet I DISLIKE the use of it.

Funny that nobody has mentioned his iBOT wheelchair yet. The iBOT is far more fantastic than the Segway (I’ve ridden both for many hours each), and its out there helping people right now.

However, as for a Nobel Prize… its not impossible for FIRST people to find a way to nominate him. As for winning, that’s up to the committee.

I think you’ve got the Segway and ibot confused. The ibot wheelchair was designed for handicapped to be able to navigate landscapes that they normally can’t (quick example, stairs). The segway was supposed to “revolutionize personal travel”.

More likely Jay has some knowledge of the early development stages. It is true some of Dean’s earliest patent publications in this area (PCT applications dated more than ten years ago) describe mobility benefits for the disabled and depict embodiments that strongly resemble what later came to be called a Segway, in addition to some that strongly resemble what later came to be called an iBot.

The claims/goals related to revolutionizing personal travel were part of the wildly overblown “IT” publicity campaign, several years later.