Nocking down other side's ball

In our teams discussion we found a problem in the rules -

<G36> HOME STRETCH Height Restriction – ROBOTS in the HOME STRETCH of the opposing ALLIANCE can not be more than 6 feet tall. A PENALTY will be assigned for each infraction.

If you do not get the other side’s ball down during the hybrid period - how can you get it down if you can’t exceed the 6 foot mark in the opposing stretch?
Does that only apply at end game?

pass under the bar and push the ball backward?

grab from behind you?

all depends on robot design. :wink:

just don’t go over 6" in an opponent home zone.

Well if the overpass is AT 6 feet, how can you not exceed the mark and get it down, that’s what I’m saying. Regardless of configuration - I don’t see a way to knock it down

Pushing the ball backward – at maximum width, the ball extends 2-3 inches past the bar, at a height of 7.5 feet. Well… good luck.

There’s a pretty lively discussion on this very topic going on over here:

Ball dips down 8 inches, give or take a bit. You’ve got two inches of impact room to play with, at the maximum.

the home zone is only from their station wall to the middle of the overpass…so u have to be on the other side…

The home stretch is only one quarter of the field, not half.

Besides, you could use another ball to remove a ball.

Oh I see, so you have to bop it from under or be beyond the limit. We thought that the field was divided 1/2 and 1/2, not 1/4 for each alliance than 1/2 free (1/4 segments)

That clears things up, thanks.

Another question: does this apply to Hybrid mode as well? Do you have to pass the overpass in HYBRID and push it off BACKWARDS for it to count?