Nomiante Your Play of the Year!

Nominate your play of the year, tell about it, put up pics, or link videos.

Mine comes from Quarter Final 3, Match 3 of the Midwest Regional. Us (team 45) need to cap the goal to win, but team 93 has something to say about that. 93 opens their ball catching doors and makes space between our robot and the goal, but our robot has the power to reach over, set it in place and lift the ball up and hang it there so 93 cannot just flip it out. Thus, winning the match, and sending us to the semis.

Heres the video clip, Dan Green on commentary

I will second that Nomination!

mine was when we went to hang, 67 took the 2x ball and capped the mobile goal. then after the other team caping thier goal under our ball drop 67 took that ball and capped the staionary goal with out driving anywhere, after that they went to hang with us and the other two teams were hanign too… i believe it was the 220 match…

i would have to say in the semis of NJ, when 11 tried to hang against 237. They got their hook arm within like an inch of the bar, and raised up. Little did they know they were hanging on 237’s wires and not the bar! that was such a great match. It was horrible to watch our alliance lose by 1 ball, but hey that match was intense! :slight_smile:

D.J. I got just one question. How did that ball get stuck like that because you would think that it would just roll down the pipes and rest on the shorter ones? :confused:

Static Electricity? Honestly im not sure what else to say…oddly enough that would have been the 2nd time thats happened

2nd? when was the first?

I think the best was at the FL regional when with about 30 seconmds left my team(1368) needed to cap our mobile goal but swamp thing was holding our ball, we chased them to the other side of the field and took the ball directly from thier grip, at the same time, flipping them on thier side (sorry), we then rushed back to try and cap before the time was up… unfortunatly, our gear shifting mechanism put the bot into neutral wasting about the 3 precious seconds we needed…

I don’t think anybody at great lakes could forget the match 79 re-match, when we (67) capped the 1241 hopper with a multiplier ball, making it impossible for any balls to fall into it (which, up until that point, had helped them win every match).

One of the most memorable matches I’ve seen.

BTW great job team 1241, you guys are the best rookies I’ve seen, and that’s a great design.

The play of the year has to be when team 67 capped team 1241’s robot just before all of the balls dumped. That was really cool to see.

Oh it has got to be in that match between 230 (Gael Hawks) and 173 (RAGE) during UTC.
As both robot went to hang at the exact same time and in the exact same point and raised at the exact same time in smack dab middle they managed to raise the multiplyer from the platform and lift it into the air wedged between the two bots.
With only a few seconds left 230 fell off the bar when they pivoted on the ball and lost itheir grip on the bar after some finagling by RAGE, while their robot remand hanging strong for the win! :ahh: Impressive

aaaaagh that was devastating (i was on that alliance) but i must agree, probably the best play ive seen at least.

It looks as though the ball was pushed into the pipes so there are 2 pipes on one side of the ball and 2 on the other.

                          o    o
                            ()  <<<---ball

My ASCII artwork needs some work. It all makes sense in my head

As much as I loved the strategy on our 1241 capping match, I would have to say that my favorite match was Buckeye quarterfinals when we filled our mobile goal, capped it, went over, stole the cap from the other teams mobile goal, backwards capped ours then went over to hang with our partner for the nation’s high score. I was seriously having a heartattack!

Well my favorite play would have to be in the finals at UTC when we flipped in autonomous mode and our partner RAGE came to our rescue and righted us we may have lost that match 135-150 but I think that it was awesome that RAGE came to our rescue. UTC Regional Final 1

I (Second, Third, Fourth… (Not enough time to read whole thread)) that nomination


[EDIT] That’s the 67 capping 1241 play by the way [/EDIT]

2004 UCF Regional - Finals 1.1

233 started the match pushing the movable goal in front of 945, to which their robot turned around, and started to back track on part of their line program. 311, and 61 fights over the blue movable goal, while 233 gives 945 a difficult time. 61 bails over the pushing match to get onto the platform. 311 pursues 61. 233 is already on the platform and prevents 945 to get on the platform. Meanwhile 61 defends the center bar, with their hook in place, ready to hang at any moment. 311 makes it up the platform and waits for an opening on the center bar. At this time 233 raises its arm and goes for the hang. When 233 starts to hang and move upward, 61 pushes 233 so far, that half the robot sticks out over the carpet. 61 looses its guard, and gives enough space, and time for 311 to get on the center platform to hang. As 311 hooks onto the platform, 945 pushes 311 out of the center platform to get themselves to hang. 311 is still in a valid hanging position and is leaning against 945. So far three robots are hanging. 945 seems a bit slow to get up to hang, but does so with 15 seconds left in the game. At this time the announcers start bowing down to the competitors stating, “We are not worthy, we are not worthy!” The buzzer sounds with 4 robots hanging and the crowd goes wild. Furthermore, once the scores were tabulated, that match was tied 120-120. The crowd goes into a euphoria.

Photo Finish
Video: Finals Match #1

I must agree with my teammates that quarter final match 3.3 was the most exciting thing i saw all day, how the ball stayed up in the pvc pipes i don’t know, but just play WOW

I think the play of the year was at Phillie when team 1495 tipped over and kept right on pushing balls into their human player station. I know there’s a video of it somewhere.

My vote for play of the year was in the quarterfinals of BAE. Team 190 got on the bar immediately and pull themselves up with their arm flipping over the top of the bar. With 1:00 left Team 157 grabbed a big ball and tried to cap the stationary goal full of balls(quite full if i reacall), 190 extended their arm and closed their claw and the ball fell out of 157 grasp. 157 pulled away and got another ball and this time 190 pushed on the goal again pushing the ball out of the claw once agian this time holding their so the goal could not be capped. At the last second(2-3 seconds left) The pulled their claw away winnging the match.

That play one the match and the quarter final.
Thats my play of the year.