Nomiante Your Play of the Year!

I think that when we flipped and kept herding balls was cool, but my favorite was in Philly when all four robots hung on the bar at the same time.

Well, I was about to drop the ball straight in the goal, but then I thought “Nah, the crowd would like it more if I just let it hang in a couple of those pipes.”

Nah, sorry guys…purely accidental :slight_smile:

my vote also would go to when 67 capped 1241 at GLR… so that 1241 couldnt collect the balls as they fell :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

DJ-thanks for posting video. That was an awesome match. It seems to me like everyone is posting their own matches. I think it would be cool to have people nominate other’s matches, instead of their own.

I personally thought the Midwest Finals match 1 (with a score of 150-210) was very exciting. I watched it on the webcast. I thought for sure they would beat our score of 210.

This was particularly odd- myself and our driver were scouting 1495- they did good until… bang… flipped over. We started to stand up when their frame moved- thanks to the huge 10’’ wheels their robot actually continuted driving around the field, herding balls and such. It was rather amusing, something I’ve never seen in my 4 years of competition.

Remember when 1495 was pulling one of the teammates in their dolly after alliances were picked, their drive trane is one of the strongest ive ever seen :ahh:

At one point we were pulling two. Me and Mike, so it was pulling about 350lbs.

Mine would probably have to be during the AZ regional. Team 190 had already gotten on the bar and 234 (us) were trying to get up. Team 190 put their arm down straight into our robot, trying to push us down but we had a monster 24 stroke pneumatic already in the process of trying to pull us up. We just couldn’t get ourselves up. But finally after the match had ended their motor stopped and our pneumatic just started to relieve the stress by pulling us up.:cool:

That was one of my favorite matches, the match was so close and so tense. I just can’t wait to see this type of stuff happening non-stop in Nats.:smiley:

The quarter finals were much more exciting than any other round! The first match where we lifted 306 with us up on the bar and they fell off… I want to see videos! And you and 1126 having a story book match in the second quarter final… well worth the voice that I’m still lacking!

Definately 67 + 1241. Great job to all teams in that match! :smiley:

It almost made me cry just seeing that beautiful yellow ball sitting so high.

My play(s) of the year has to be (also) team 67 capping 1241. 1241 had an awesome first day, then the they had to play Hot (as their last match of the day i believe). Well Hot capped 1241s stationary goal before 1241’s HP could fill it with balls, giving team 67 and alliance (sorry guys, i dont remember who else it was) the win. Then when the match had to be replayed due to field technical difficulties, Hot pulled off another set of genius strategy, as you all well know.
Thanks Hot, you guys taught us a lesson on how to play that we kept in mind for Midwest regional when we did the same thing to team 93, except that we held on to the ball. Well there is my vote for play(s) of the year.

I’m going to wait until after Nationals to fully answer this one, although I did like 177’s defending of the bar in the semis at philly that brought us to the championship.

Our alliance parter was 280, TNT, and 1241’s was 1188.

Everyone did a great job in that match. Even after the bot capping, the struggle for the top between 280 and 1188 and the battle between us and 1241 just made it an exciting match all the way through.

My nomination goes to the first match that all four robots hung on the bar. Match 3 of quaterfinal 2 at VCU. It turned out to be a 125-120 win for the #7 alliance. When all four robots are hanging and the score comes down to a single ball…wow. Plus it was an upset.