Non-Arabic Team Numbers

I just recalled a thought I had last year, thought I’d throw it out for fun:

The rules were pretty specific about the size, stroke, quantity, and location of the team numbers, but nowhere did it say they had to be in arabic. Here’s some variations I considered putting on our robot besides 180:

10110100 (binary)
B4 (hexadecimal)
CLXXX (Roman)
264 (Octal) - that would really screw things up
pi (radians)

Chinese or similar characters would look pretty cool as well.

Any other ideas?

Example Team Number: 1337

Engineering Notation: 1.337 x 10^3

21.94 (assuming our team number is a degree measure)


letter notation (a=1, b=2, z=0, etc.)

team 25: be

team 365: cfe

team 1403: adzc

Lemme see, 1110 comes out as:

Binary: 10001010110
Ternary: 1112010
Quintal: 13420
Octal: 2126
Hexadecimal: 456
Roman: MCX

Of course, 1110 can also be confused with #14’s binary. :rolleyes:

english. fourteen-eighty-one. one-four-eight-one. one-thousand-four-hundred-eighty-one.

1200110 (base 3)
103023 (base 4)
one thousand, two hundred, and twenty-seven
mil doscientos veinte y siete (spanish)
a dark teal (#4CB4CB)
409/1365 (fraction of max)
3409 (prime factorization)
{0x31, 0x32, 0x32, 0x37, 0x00}
{49, 50, 50, 55, 0}
22 + 4*32 + 72 + 132 + 312

mil is a thousand. mel is, … well, it isn’t.

Now try expressing it as the sum of squared primes. :wink:

121 = 112

Take the digits used in 112 and rearrange them to get… 121! Cool, huh?

121 in base 3 is 16 in decimal…
121 in base 4 is 25 in decimal…
121 in base 5 is 36 in decimal…
121 in base 6 is 49 in decimal…
121 in base 7 is 64 in decimal…
121 in base 8 is 81 in decimal…
121 in base 9 is 100 in decimal…

Interesting how they’re all square numbers.

MrToast, the math dork.

Having a robot that was a 6 sided shape, low to the ground, and small, we had little surface area to stick our numbers. It came out weighing about 86 lbs. Having a 4 digit team number didn’t help things much. The number must be visible from 360 degrees, on 4 sides at least, and must be a minimum font size. Having a small robot, we were baffled how to meet all of these requirements. One idea, considering the bottom of the robot a side, hey, it was originally planned to also be drivable upside down! :yikes:

This year our team actually used Roman numerals on our flag and badges (we’re the Sentinels, sorta…). Instead of 1212, We put MCCXII. It made a much better cheer than ‘Go 1212!’ Also we thought of putting up two XII s on either side of the pit for decoration. Next year the students mentioned going all out on the Roman theme, so more numerals (on the bot), and expect lots of togas.

(roku juu shichi/roku juu nana)

67 - lit. six ten seven

^I highly reccomend japanese as a second language.

If you want to take it another step team 1331 would be all cubes when converted to decimal from whatever base.
1331 in base 4 is 125 in decimal…
1331 in base 5 is 216 in decimal…

There is a mathematical reason for this trend. I’ll leave the proof to the reader. I recommend posting it in the Math & Science section, though.

1168 (decimal)
eleven hundred sixty-eight (English)
elf honderd achtenzestig (Dutch)
onze cent soixante huit (French)
elf hundert sechzig acht (German)
ένδεκα εκατό εξήντα οκτώ (Greek)
undici cento sessanta otto (Italian)
onze cem sessenta oito (Portugese)
once cientos sesenta ocho (Spanish)
10010010000 (binary)
490 (hexadecimal)
2^4 * 73 (factorized)
1.168 * 10^3 (scientific/engineering notation)
Ґ (Unicode)
#490490, a type of purple (Color)
MCLXVIII (Roman numerals)
,αρξη´ (Greek numerals)
א"קסח (Hebrew numberals)

Hrm … let’s brush up on my meager knowledge of Russian. I would use the cryllic alphabet, but it wouldn’t display properly (just comes up as question marks), so figure this out …

sto dvadtsat dva

Close, but no cigar:

mil cem sessenta e oito.


Oneay ousanday, ootway undreday entytway-evensay. :smiley:
Klignon? Elmer Fudd? Bork? Google!

Back in my frosh year, team 30 was sometimes called team XXX. Always fun, really.