Non- Class mates with fms

Alright heres an interesting question for you.

At the pre-epic fun of WIWI, we ran into some problems. In addition to regular robots, there are going to be a few backup robots running on this field. Most if not all of these are running off of a non-first issued classmate, and is using the newer game bridge.

Both (robot and Driver station) are not communicating with the FMS. We not they are working fine when we use them without the FMS, so that cant be the exact issue.

Any ideas on how we can fix this problem???

Oh bonus points for the person who answers this by 7am Saturday (tomorrow) morning :stuck_out_tongue:

One of the things FMS looks for is the username driver.

I would try to make sure the the final update for the classmate is on the Classmate then you probably need to re-flash the robot.

Don’t be surprised about the robots not appearing on the FMS. The FMS never directly communicates with the robot (always through the driver station), so without the connection to the DS you won’t see a robot

I’m with Joe. The DS doesn’t even look for an FMS unless the currently logged in user name is Driver. Hope it was in time.

Greg McKaskle