Non competition code

just curious. Does anyone write some code for the off season that is designed for Demos?

If so what do you do??

Well… for our triple play robot I wrote some special demo code to make the cold cathode lights we put under the robot to work sequintially with which way the holonomic drive was going, kind of like waves of light in the direction of travel. We also added in a dual-tone air horn… wished we had more tones so it could play music but never did it. :]


Might not be what you’re looking for, but when I was doing FLL demos I built three Lego RCX robots that would dance, and play music in sync.

EDIT: They were even good for FRC demos, if the people were close enough to hear the RCX speaker.

I wrote some code and put speakers/laptop onboard our (old team) Triple Play bot for demos… Basically, when the trigger was pulled, the arm moved up and down some, as if the bot was talking, and using my strap-on-harness laptop to make it talk using a synthesized robot voice.


i wrote…more robot code…lol