Non-competition robot radios (was: Radio)

hey guys,
Are there any non-competition radios that are available to use for off season robots Instead of the standard open mesh ones?


If you can find one of the D-Link DAP-1522 routers, those can still be programmed with the radio configuration tool. Based on your team number, you probably have a few of those lying around.

EDIT: I should note, however, that this may not work with the FMS if your intention is to run this in an offseason competition. We tried to have a pre-rookie team use one of our old D-Link routers at an offseason event in 2016 and while we did get the OK from the FTA beforehand, they were unable to get it working on the field and they borrowed a router from the host team.

At least as of two years ago, I was able to manually configure a generic wifi router to function. It was mostly ensuring that DHCP was enabled, with the subnet configured to be 10.TE.AM.XX .

Haven’t tried it recently though… WPI or FMS folks may be able to chime in more here, but (as far as offseason is concerned) I don’t believe there’s anything super special about the radio (other than FIRST providing a tool to configure and flash firmware for a small number of officially-supported models).


Any AP works. I’ve used a wide variety of random old APs.
Some will take the abuse better than others, but for non-competition use that probably won’t be much of a problem. The primary issue will be how steady it can hold onto power. Choose one that uses the 12v or 5v provided by the VRM or use some other regulated power supply.
And power will be via a barrel connector, not POE, because most POE capable devices require the standard 48v.

For competition use the event radio kiosk tool, to set up the radio and field password, will only work with the Open Mesh. Although for an off-season it is still possible for the FTA to get just about anything to work, FTAs tend not to have much free time at off-season events, and don’t typically want to deal with oddities or conflicts that an unknown bridge can cause.


Pretty much ditto to @Mark_McLeod.
However as an example, we use this router from MSY for our demo bots or sometimes even practice if we don’t have a “legal” one on hand. (Granted MSY is an Australian company, but point is you can just just about any AP)
Powered via USB from the RIO.

As mentioned above, we can’t program it with a FRC Kiosk for events, for those we try to find an Open Mesh. It also only has 1 ethernet port, so you’d need a switch to use a limelight or something.

Now, I’ve not tried it, but just as a thought, since the RIO is running linux, I think you could just use a USB WiFi dongle.