Non-copyrighted music

I need some help finding some non-copyrighted soundtracks for videos for my team. The guy that writes our music for us is graduating and I am running out of soundtracks. If you could let me know where to find some or how your team gets soundtracks for videos like Chariman’s that would be great.
Thanks Bunches if u still need sum

I recommend Kevin MacLeod’s music. His music is free under Creative Commons, you just need to credit him in the description.

It’s worth knowing that you can in fact use copyrighted music if you get written permission from the rights holder. In fact, my FTC team did that this year for our Promote video.

Some bands/managers may be more amenable to this than others. Make sure if you do this to give the judges the documentation for your permissions with the video.

Edit: Just realized this is an old thread. Advice still stands, though.

Music was an afterthought for me, but for our Week Zero I built a little playlist here for part of it.

Its under MonsterCats licensing, which isn’t exactly ‘free’, but they won’t strike or mute your content with it.

Extremely. I was surprised to see this being dug up. But I’m sure there are still people out there who can appreciate it, so I guess I’ll add a few more to this list: - Yes, it costs money (most songs are about $7-$20), but every song here comes with permission to use in YouTube videos, including a file with license information to submit in case you get flagged. HUGE range of music here, with some really good quality gems here-and-there. - Some are free, some are paid. The paid ones are sometimes “donation-based” (name your price; may or may not have a minimum price), other times they are fixed. Fixed-priced albums seem to sit in the $5-$8 range. A lot of good quality stuff here. However, not all music comes with an automatic permission that you’re allowed to use it in videos, so read the page carefully. Since most artists here are still trying to break out, though, a simple email or tweet asking if you can use it will usually work in your favor (especially since it’s for a free video). I actually did this recently for a Twitch stream. The artist was more than happy to let me use it. - Mostly electronic and its many sub-genres. Two ways to go about this legally:

Machinima sound and monstercat are your best bets.