Non-copyrighted music

I need some help finding some non-copy-righted soundtracks for videos like Chairmen’s. The guy that usually writes the music for our videos is graduating and I have no idea where to get soundtracks. It you could let me know where to get soundtracks or what your team does as far as music for videos that would be great.

An awesome site is All the music is by a guy named Kevin McLeod and you can use it free, as long as you credit the website. He’s got tons of amazing songs designed for slideshows, commercials, TV, and short animations. I use his stuff all the time and most of our team’s animations and slideshows were made with it See them here. Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

I’ve used this site in the past for team videos:

I second this. A huge range of awesome music of all kinds.

A question - is copyrighted material acceptable if you have written permission from the musician?

The FRC Manual* states:

*Link to search results for “copyright”

I posted this in your other thread, but will post it here too for others.
Search for tracks that use Creative Commons license. Make sure to filter the right attributions relevant to you.

Music fit for YT videos (montages, updates/vlogs, etc). I’m not sure about other uses, but the creators are usually pretty understanding.

The site says that the songs are copyright. Would I have to get written permission from them to use the songs?

If you read the FAQs page on his website, the artist explains the copyright laws. Below the FAQs he explains his stipulations on the music. He also explains them on his licenses page.

I hope this helps, feel free to ask for more help if you need it.

You can use them as long as you credit the website. Here’s his FAQ

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Monstercat media, found here

It depends on the artist, but a lot of them grant licences for non commercial videos quite readily (and for free). Then again, it has been a long time since I used their music in a video, so keep in mind that things may have changed. :slight_smile:

To apply for a youtube video license, here is the URL