Non-FIRST Tech Issues (where to place)

One of the things that has always baffled me is where to put questions of a technical nature that do not relate to FIRST. I know that I’ve placed several questions under the CAD forum only to have one of them moved due to (I’m assuming here) not being for something related to FIRST.

  1. Is anyone else finding this sort of thing an issue?
  2. Anyone want to explain to me where a question like that ought to go?
  3. If the only place is the Chit-Chat forum, any chance we could have a “Non-FIRST Tech Forum” that could still show up on the portal?


Anything that’s actually technical can be placed in the appropriate forum. If you’re wondering about how to make a message box in VB, put it in the Programming forum. Etc. :slight_smile: (At least, that’s how I’ve been doing it. Am I in trouble? :D)

I would agree with that. Put it in the technical forum that most closely matches the content of your question. The example of programming is a great one. I do that myself on occasion, so I don’t think you could be in too much trouble :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Jeff - first try the Tech section, if the question doesn’t fit there put it in Chit Chat. Most of the forums are suppose to be for FIRST related issues UNLESS specific to a dedicated topic. We don’t have a section for Non-FIRST technical questions at this time.