Non FRC Need help fast!!!

This isn’t part of the FRC but it’s similar. This is for a competition called science Olympiad which is basically a competition involving both test events and building events and you choose which of these events you want to compete in. One event that I’m doing this year is called Robotic Arm. Due to numerous setbacks I’ve lost a lot of time and all previous designs have failed. I have attached the rules and basically how they work is that if the rules don’t say you can’t then you can. I am hoping to get a arm working by Tuesday but at the absolute latest I need it done by next Saturday. Does anyone have any suggestion or ideas for a design? I’m planning on making the fame out of 80/20 aluminum.

I’m a big fan of the VEXIQ Armbot

It looks like it would work for your challenge since it looks like the robot does not move