non frc question: electrical series to a parallel??? HELP

To whom it may concern:
My name is Jeffrey Villar. My fellow class mates and I are doing a project on Solar Cars. Few questions have arrisen to our project.

First is When you wire cells into two diffrent series which endup producing two different voltage out puts, then connect those two series into a parallel connection. what happens to the voltage?

arrange 7 cells w/ .5 voltage with 6 amps into two series one with 4 cells the other with 3 you get 4 cells withg a voltage of 2 volts and 6 amps while the other is 3 cells producing 1.5 volts with 6 amps. then putting both series into a parallel connection in theory gives us 12 amps but what is the voltage output? is it average?

also if you split a cell w/ .5 voltage with 6 amps what happens to the amps and volts???

Jeff Villar