Non-FVC-specific Vex forum?

After flipping through the FVC forum a little bit ago, I thought of something: general Mindstorms discussion has a sub-forum underneath FIRST LEGO League. Could a similar thing happen underneath FIRST Vex Challenge to hold topics that are Vex-related, but not necessarily specific to FVC?

Seems reasonable. I’ve talked with quite a few people who enjoy playing with VEX parts, and/or use VEX as a way to develop new talent for their FRC teams, and/or use VEX to small-scale prototype mechanisms or whole robots for FRC challenges, and/or organize non-FVC competitions using VEX systems. Clearly there’s going to be much more to VEX than just FVC.

I agree. There seem to be a lot of Vex “hobbyists” on here that just like to play with their Vex kits, not specifically for FVC. It sounds like a good idea to me. :slight_smile:

Me, myself, and I included.

It would be interesting to see just some plain innovative and fun ideas come from this forum.

Doh! Shoulda seen that!

It was right there behind the Innovation First link, fifth from the top in that little bar on the left of the CD Portal headed “Helpful Links”. And the forum has been recently upgraded with the help of a certain famous webmaster.

Sounds like something that could happen, just to keep things tidy; although as pointed out is probably the best place to discuss vex stuff.