Non-Lift Triple Climbs?

Hi CD,

I’ve got a question. I’ve been relatively out of the loop this year but I have noticed that many playoff alliances are performing double climbs where two robots get on the Level 3 Hab platform together. I have also seen some playoff strategies that involve one robot lifting two others to get 3 robots supported by the Level 3 Hab platform, although robots that can lift two others are very rare.

But have there been any instances yet of 3 robots independently lifting themselves to be supported by the Level 3 Hab platform? This would require a combination of factors, including perhaps robots with small platform footprints or robots with vacuum-style climbs.

My curiosity regarding this was sparked when I noted that 6443’s climb leaves the vast majority of the platform open for other robots - see it at 1:19 in this video:

While their alliance’s strategy was to double climb with this technique, I think it’s possible to adapt this for a triple climb at CMP. I think it would be very cool to see this, regardless of how effective this tactic ends up being.

Just to speculate and theorize, I could see a theoretical alliance of 6443, 971/148, and 1619 pulling it off. However, I don’t see a scenario where those three types of robots end up on an alliance together. So while I think it’s certainly possible, I find it highly unlikely it’ll happen for a variety of factors

I think any robot with a hab 3, 1619, and a cheesecake climb could do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw it at champs.

If 6443 gets picked by a team with a regular climber and a team with a suction climber, I could see it happening as well. In the video it looks like there’s extra room for a suction cup.

Thank you for noticing our Triple Flip Mechanism! We have so far only thought of it being used for Double Climb but I could see us doing a triple climb with a Suction type climber along with a regular pneumatic piston climber. We wanted to give as much room as possible so it could work! We are excited for CMP’s and cant wait to see what it can expand to!


6443 is definitely a top contender for a triple climb. Their recent addition of flipping once again leaves about 80% of the HAB free for a normal L3 climb.

Doing double or triple climbs take a decent amount of preparation and thinking through to make sure that both (or all 3) robots will fit and not destroy each other. Something we’ve had some trouble with a few robots is our arm that lays on the hab because the box tubing is 1" tall, so their robot (or arm) has to clear that, but if we could get some robots that have enough clearance under their robot to drive over it then it’s definitely doable. Also if there is a possibility of a triple or double climb we would know before the matches because we have a couple people go around to every team and figure out how much space they take up (left to right and front to back, because we can double climb side to side or front to back) and mark the teams we can climb with to talk to early before our matches.

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