Non-Lv3 HAB Capable Winning Alliances

Yesterday the Livonia #6 Alliance became the first and only winning alliance in FiM to not have any Lv3 capable robots, while defeating 2 opposing alliances that had Lv3 capable robots.

Have any other events outside of FiM had this occurrence happen yet, or are we the first?
I’d be curious who and how.

Of note, our alliance didn’t have a defense bot in any of our matches. We simply outscored all our opponents with additional rocket game pieces with our 3 offensive robots.

Given that most alliance captains got there because of a hab3 climb, chances are you just won’t see it that often.


The only other such alliance I know of is the alliance that won Long Island #1.

In Idaho 3647’s alliance had no climbs except for the occasional
level 2 yeet climb from 5012. They beat out 1983’s alliance with 2122 which could both level 3 climb.


We won MDBET (Week 2) without a level 2 climb on our alliance.

We captained the 2nd seeded alliance in ISDE #2 (Week 2) without being able to climb to level 3 (and none of the robots in our alliance could), although we lost the finals because of technical issues - defense broke our RoboRIO in the semis and we had to switch to another one

Happened last week at FNC Pembroke. Team 4534 (Wired Wizards) put together a winning alliance (the #3 seed) that had two L2 bots but no L3 bot. They managed to beat out an alliance lead by the #1 seed and winner of FNC Wake.

When determining 1st pick parameters, we discussed the importance of level three climbers. An alliance can definitely beat another alliance without a level 3 climb as long as they score at least 3 more cargo than their opponents and can climb to level 2. So it would be somewhat hard, but definitely possible.

Also if you have a defense bot that can attempt to prolong the opposing alliance’s climb for as long as possible, it’s possible they won’t be able to climb.

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