Non Profit Agency Giving Segway's to Disabled Vets

An organization called DRAFT or Disability Rights Advocates For Technology are giving Segway’s to veteran’s disabled on or after Sep 11, 2001. DRAFT is not related to Segway or Dean Kamen but appear to be a good organization improving our disabled veteran’s mobility at home. See Fox News video here.

What a great idea!

I’m all about helping the community, but I just hope that DRAFT lets the veterans know that the Segway is NOT a medical device meant for that sort of use.

Depending on the cases the situation may call for something a little more medical, like the iBot. The segway isn’t meant for, and was never intended for people who have trouble standing or problems with walking.

I love the idea though- increasing a person’s mobility is never a BAD thing, and these veterans deserve the best.

There was some conversation about DRAFT back in 2004. Check it out