Non Rectangular Frames

1114 2015 was already brought up, but theres a couple even older implementations before then, such as 1425 a year prior.

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1501 in 2010 as I recall…

And it bit them when they found themselves stuffed into a goal. Triangular robot, triangular goal.

Kiwis drive in FRC has been a thing since the early 2000s.

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That is the most beautiful FRC robot ever. It looks like an alien star cruiser that would be in Star Trek.


We built two for 2010. They are Delta Ice and Delta Fire.


857 in the early 2000s too. Or was it 221 at that point? Can’t recall. @ajlapp might remember better since he was involved.

Their solution to a controller was interesting - just link 3 sticks together and feed the joystick value into the motor.

Correct. We did the first Killough Platform in 2002. We code named it kiwi because we didn’t want others to beat us to the punch.


See this thread…


Oh good. We’ve had this exact conversation before.

See you again in 2024 :wink:

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1318s 2008 Robot remains my personal favorite. “The pirate ship” as I heard it referred to. I believe 2 swerve modules and 4 caster drivetrain.


We (3128) did a circular frame in 2014. It seems like a very smart strategic choice, and in years with very prevalent and aggressive defence (2022)and would be interesting to see how teams would react to such a frame, especially since there is no corner to hit when playing defence against a team without a turret and with a circular frame.
I couldn’t find any great photos/videos, but this one is alright: FRC San Diego Regional 2014 Quarter 3-2 - YouTube

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Surprised no one mentioned 148’s 2008 robot yet. Here is the robot reveal: Robowranglers 148 2008 Tumbleweed - YouTube

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Yeah nonagons are very cool and have a 100% World Championship win rate! :wink:

If you look closely at Viper, you’ll see the hexagon bump outs. It was actually kind of hard to see until up close. Renegade is actually easier to make out.


In 2014 we made an octagonal frame


Back in 2013, 948 had a slightly trapezoidal frame that allowed it to nestle nicely up against the human player station for cross-court shots

840 had a hexagonal drivetrain this year, worked pretty decently for defensive purposes. Bumpers were a pain tho.

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95 made a Killough/omni drive robot in 1999.

2014 robot. Turns out it is really difficult to make a legal bumper for it. Had to go to some fly by night start up company to get the plywood.


95 made a Killough/omni drive robot in 1999


Pics or it didn’t happen.

I’d be very surprised if this was the case and I didn’t know about it.

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I do not have pictures handy from 1999. But I did scrape up emails from multiple coaches from during that time confirming it: 3x 120deg Omni wheels with gyro feedback. Wheels were made from aluminum at a sponsor from student designs.

I sent out a ping for additional information, but it was 23 years ago, so don’t hold your breath. I can’t find match videos or anything from that time.

To be clear: email is from 2011 discussing our 1999 robot Mac. Dodd was the head technical coach at that time. I was not a student at the time, but I did drive the robot at a demo night.


Very interesting.

If this did happen I can say with some certainty that we didn’t know about it when we started doing our initial prototypes in the summer of 2000.

So if FRC95 did use one in competition then they definitely deserve the credit…


I’m sure a vast majority of people never knew about it. 95 was never a historically-recognized team and didn’t share much, or any, media on CD/the internet until 2011ish.

For what it is worth to anyone here on CD I give my word that our 1999 competition robot used 3x omni wheel drive. Pretty sure @Andy_A would also vouch as he used to have one of the old wheels.