Non-Standard Wireless Configuration

Can anyone clarify the problems associated with enabling the 2.4GHz radio with a second SSID and connecting the Classmate over wireless to the router? This also enables a second programming laptop to connect over wireless as well. It seems to work most of the time for us. We get a higher number of dropped connections than over wired (that seems like an obvious statement). It seems like these two networks shouldn’t interfere with each other, however. Does anyone know what’s causing the issues with this configuration?

There’s issues with this configuration? In our lab, we have the wifi router hanging off the school’s network in the classroom, with the robot and classmate on wireless (over the 5ghz and 2.4ghz radios respectively). Also, our programming laptop is wireless.

This configuration we have also allows us internet access on the programming computer and classmate… and theoretically the cRIO too :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you ever have connection issues with the cRIO. Half of the time I can’t connect to or ping it from the wirelessly connected laptops.

I have issues sometimes with a hard power-cycle on the robot, but if i reboot it using the reboot robot button on the classmate its all good.

I compile my C++, download to robot on programming laptop
Then click reboot robot on classmate
wait ~10s
click enable.

I only have issues if I power down the bridge. If that happens, I find I can get it going by using the programming laptop and pinging 10.xx.yy.1 (the bridge) and 10.xx.yy.2 (the cRIO).

The cold boot issue is worked around with the latest DS upate, 1.1.

Greg McKaskle