Non-Supplied parts eligibility?

We will be using the following non-supplied parts for the construction of our robot. We will be purchasing these parts within the next 48 hours.
Keyed Bushings
Bosch Structural aluminum framing
Roller bearing pillow block
Other non-supplied bushings

Please review the additional materials list. If the item is not on that list or does not fit the description then you CANNOT use it legally.

Again please read your materials. This will save you many headaches, and us as well.

Some of your materials appear to be illegal. Please review the list please.

Everybody tends to focus on the Additional Materials List and that is good, but remember there are TWO criteria that must be met: not only must the item appear on the Additional Materials List, IT MUST ALSO BE READILY AVAILABLE AT LOCAL HARDWARE STORES AND BUILDING SUPPLY CENTERS such as Lowe’s and Home Depot; so, the “roller bearing pillow block” might meet the criteria of “Bushings and bearings, any type” mentioned in the rules, but is it readily available at local hardware stores as an off-the-shelf" item? If other teams can’t walk into their local hardware stores and find the same item, you would be breaking the rules and giving yourself an unfair advantage. Make sure that everybody on your team who buys materials reads ALL of Appendix B in the Rule book, not just the first part.