Noodle Deaths? I Raise You a Tote Death!

This happened during a practice match at Central Valley Regional when our encoders malfunctioned and the robot drove full speed into the landfill zone. Our robot Heimdall only suffered the snapping of a flimsy polycarbonate strip, which was fairly non-essential since it was intended only to push litter. Other than that, we suffered no damage at all. The volunteers at the competition were super cool and let us keep the tote, which is signed by our drive team. Now I wonder, were we candidates for the Industrial Design Award? :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh my…

That must have been one powerful robot. Could you post a picture of what part actually hit/impaled the tote?

There was a tote that was given a hole (albeit small) at Southfield when a team drove hogwild (no pun intended) around the field in auton in match 1. It was certainly interesting.

Frank, I heard about this, but wasn’t sure if my kids were serious. To quote Ron Burgundy: “I’m not even mad, that’s amazing”.


'Nuff Said…