Noodle manipulator

Unless you guys are holding out I haven’t seen any noodle manipulators.

Wait till you see ours.

Why do you need one?

Wait and see my friend

Don’t be that team that just gets in everyone’s way by throwing noodles in the opponents landfill. :frowning: However, if that is your strategy, I hope you can do something else. Smart teams will have a lip that they can use to push the noodle without it getting in their wheels. Also, many teams will just use HP station, meaning that those noodles will not effect them. :wink:

noodle manipulator? why? :yikes: a whole mechanism to put noodles in rc?

It’s been done before.
One design called F.O.R.K. another called C.H.O.P. S.T.I.C.K.S. :cool:

Actually, throwing them in their landfill would give them a point, partially offsetting them being in the way. Also, a manipulator cannot be legally used for this purpose, as

G24 ROBOTS may not cause TOTES, RECYCLING CONTAINERS, and/or LITTER to completely transfer from their side of the FIELD, or from the STEP, onto the opposite side of the FIELD.

If you’re planning to throw noodles early to gum up the works, consider the cost of throwing a noodle short. Every noodle that winds up in your own work area costs your alliance time and probably points. Every noodle that winds up in your opposing alliance’s work area costs them time and probably points. However, since you’re not competing against them directly, the effect of a well-thrown noodle is diluted by the number of teams at your regional. At a 60-team regional, each noodle in your own area offsets 19 noodles on the other side in terms of being an obstruction. Are you really 95% good? If not, wait until the match is more than half over to start chucking your spare noodles; there will be fewer in your own wheels, and less time for the other alliance to “process” them by pushing or carrying them to the landfill.

Please show us then. Nobody likes teasers.