Noodle Throwing Strategy

It is called an atlatl. It is an ancient hunting weapon used for throwing spears. LINK I checked the rules and could not see anything against as of second day of build season. I have not tested it on a noodle but seems like it could work just probably not as accurate as the historic equivalent.

The robot can’t throw the Litter to the other side of the field - Rule G24.

I will have to look into it, but I doubt it could be considered part of the driver’s station, and thus available for a human player to use. Rule R83, and section 4.11 doesn’t seem to prohibit it though.

I believe the noodles are too light and flexible. I’ve been trying to throw one across the shop for the past 5 minutes. I can’t see any way to throw one more than 15-20 ft.

See T21.

Our team tried multiple methods for throwing the noodle at kickoff. I used a technique where I loosely held the far end of the noodle in my left hand, then pushed the closer end (but with a kind of throwing motion involved too) with two fingers on my right hand. With that, I was able to reliably throw the noodle almost half the length of the field, and sometimes quite a bit farther. Our team’s human player from last year tried this method as well, and he was able to throw it a bit farther than me. On one attempt he threw it almost the entire length of the field.

I don’t know if that was a very good description of the technique, but I’ll try to explain it further if anyone is interested.

I stand corrected this would not be allowed. I only looked in the game rules thinking it would be there.

We’ll definitely have to schedule some practice time for this.

Make sure the noodle is straight

I’m sure noodles at events will not all be straight. That’s not one of the conditions to replace them.

It says in the rules your robot can’t throw the noodles.

Anything else, we tried the method previously stated, and could only manage to reach about the landfill area. Does anyone have any tips, or just practice practice practice? Thank you for the strategy though, its better than any of us had managed.

Jesus, Team 4633

Close. Robots may not cause LITTER to leave the field or transfer across the STEP. There is no rule about throwing them, such as to get it to land on a scored RECYCLING CONTAINER that is above the robot.

I do believe what he meant by this was that the robot could not throw the litter onto the other side of the field to get the unprocessed litter bonus.

noodles that came with the kit of parts fly great as it is I got them to fly 40 feet

A human player can throw the noodle but by doing that you may risk it landing on your side of the field and losing 4 points.

One of our students tried this today with quite a bit of success. We didn’t have a field setup to try it on but it traveled over half the field according to our measurements.

Would you lose 4 points or would the other team gain 4 points?

The latter.

Do you think you could post a video of it?
I’ve been trying but couldn’t quite figure out the technique.

Judging by your user title, you do archery. Imagine, if you will, that you’ve got an arrow ready to loose. Now, instead of an arrow, you have a pool noodle; instead of a bow in your hand, you’re using your bow hand as a rest for the noodle; instead of a bowstring, your free hand is providing the push.

Experiment with that a few times.

We’ve gotten similar results in our experimentation–some throws short, some long enough, and one or two that are like “Do that again!” due to the length.