Noodles are in season

Oh yeah…I forgot to mention, that clearance sales on stuff like this are highly dependent on which store it is, and what they have in stock, etc. If you don’t find them on sale at your local store for a quarter a piece, don’t be surprised! but you’re welcome to get mad at me for my good fortune.


Pool noodles are typically 48" long.

We usually use hollow, and we had no problem getting a ridiculous DPR on both of our competitions even though we did little defence.
Don’t ask how, but I’m not sure the type of pool noodle makes a difference

no! what are you talking about? the only thing that matters on the robot is which pool noodles you use! lol

Our rookie year, we screwed up making bumpers so many times that we ended up buying our local Leslies entirely out of noodles.


Unless you live in Arizona, then they’re typically 51" long, like these ones.

Cheapest I’ve seen… I haven’t been on an FRC team for years and I’d be tempted at $0.25.

And you have to bring the calipers to be sure they’re somewhere close to 2.25 inches in diameter…

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Thanks for the reminder! Should this be enough for the season or should I grab a couple more?


Eh seems good enough but you got just enough to cover it I think

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That must have been the safest car to ever be on the road


Not that I was trying to, but had I managed to drive into the lake, at least we probably would have floated.


cop pulls you over
Sir it seems like you have filled your car to the brim with pool noodles. Why exactly do you need all these.
You respond with: “safety” and then drive away


But for real I would pay to see the reaction of the cashier when you brought all those to the checkout

You’re like the person we hear about in math problems…


Ironically, wouldn’t it be unsafe because you’re blocking your view out of the rear window…? :thinking:


Not as long as you have a right side mirror. Left and either center or right side is required, but not both (pretty sure this is Federal DOT and not per state). Are there any vehicles made without a right side mirror these days?

When I picked up mine last winter for 10¢ each, the cashier didn’t even want to count them, just asked me how many there were. Qty 3, 50 count display boxes worth. I used them for bumpers but also for projects with my Girl Scouts (Yes, FTA Nate is also Girl Scout Troop Leader…Go Brownies, Fly!). Pinterest to the rescue for stuff to do with pool noodles.

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I wish I could give this more ‘likes’.

It’s not often I choke on my coffee while reading CD, but for some reason this hit just right this morning.

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