Noodles, Cans or Totes?

Which will your team try for? Maybe a combination?

If you want, give some logic behind your choice(s); some people need the help, so thanks in advance for posting here!:smiley:

This thread is for any team who wants to help out teams who have no idea which to go for.

Personally, I want to go for all three.

I agree that the best strategy would be to go for all three, though for rookie teams just manipulating totes could be a viable option as well. I don’t see any situation in which it makes sense to just go for noodles; the point values simply don’t make it worthwhile. I could see a can manipulation robot being picked as a third robot for the playoffs, but only if it could place a can on top of a stack that is 5 totes tall. The downside to this approach , however, is that it relies on your alliance partners since cans cannot score without a tote.

There is already a thread on this topic