NOOO!!!! It Can\'t Be!!!

I’m so mad right now, it isn’t even funny. I was working on the new team’s website on my laptop’s when I kept getting funny message balloons in the lower right corner of my screen that “this-and-that” file was corrupt and that I should run ‘chkdsk’. Well, I scheduled a Check Disk run for all three of my partitions, obviously my C:\ drive had to run after a reboot. After rebooting, I never got to the chkdsk screen, just a black screen. So I let it run about an half-hour, but to no avail. Went into BIOS and ran the built-in hard drive check, it returns OK, so it’s not physical damage. Rebooted into Safe Mode, and something strange comes to light: It hangs when it tries to load crcdisk.sys! I’m hoping it isn’t true, maybe it’s just an isolated incident, so I shut it down, turn it on before bed, and let it run overnight. Nothing. Right now I’ve got a 10-pound paperweight sitting here. The moral of this story:


Yeah, on a related note, I can’t do the Buckeye Regional, but we can provide scouting as soon as I get a Linux distro up-and-running. I’m working on getting another machine to use for the video, but it’s not certain at this point. Now, is it possible to do a stream/encoding under Linux?

I’m fed up with Windows at this point, and truly only stick with them for gaming, truly. The PC I’m building is getting a dual-boot just so I can play Frontlines and use Vegas.

I’ll take it off your hands :wink:

I know. That’s why I didn’t :wink: . For the problem, try google… that’s what I often use to find fixes to computer problems (my friends just think that I memorized all of MS’s error codes). As long as you don’t get a recommendation of “Take the appropriate action” (<- I once actually got this as the reccommended fix when looking up an error code on MS’s website), you should be able to figure it out with a little searching.

If there is data you absolutly need to get back, try downloading hirens Boot CD (free) It has several utilities that can get your data off and might even fix a few problems (though with vista, there are too many to count). I have found it quite useful.

Yeah, Luke was definitely aboard the Death Star when Ackbar said the “It’s a trap” line. It was a reference to how the shield wasn’t down and ships came from nowhere to flank the rebels’ attacking force.

When we got our new programming laptop, it was set as a requirement that it had Windows XP Pro on it. =)

But really, I too will take that 10lb paperweight off your hands. =)

If there’s no data you need, a clean wipe should fix everything. If Vista messed up anything but itself, you have different issues.

Yeah Vista is a really bad operating system… i am trying to go with the mac laptop with their new program on it… i cant think of it off the top of my head but it is better than vista.

Forgot I was using the proxy. Stupid CGI.

Anyway, there are three partitions: Vista, Misc. Items, and EVERYTHING Robotics. So I can safely install XP or Linux and keep all my important files. To tell you the truth, I dont even want to fix Vista at this point. I had to fix it less than four months ago, only that was a clean reinstall.

btw, I won the laptop in a drawing at the end of my summer PC repair class, so Im trying everything in my power to keep it running. Worse comes to worse, I know where I can get a version of XP safely. Ive got sources…

Vista is like Dave’s game hints. They may look good but you really want nothing to do with them…


Dang. There goes the hint that was supposed to go out next week. Gotta start over now…

lol, classic!

Again, does anyone know of how to do a webcast using Linux?

I am constantly confused by how many problems people have with Windows in general, and Vista Specifically. I’ve yet to have a single Vista related issue with my computer, and I only started having issues with XP towards the end as my old computer got loaded down with stuff.

Maybe I just don’t use it for as wide a variety of things as some others, so I don’t really worry about conflicts or anything like that.

Here Here, I’ve had one problem with Vista and that was b/c of my own negligence - I loaded stuff up and never maintained the HD. I’ve also increased the RAM on my laptop to avoid anymore memory tangles since Vista consumes memory quickly - WHICH IS ONE HUGE DOWNSIDE ALTOGETHER.

ROLMAO… As funny as that is, you have to think about those hints like this at least they’re entertaining.

After I switched to Ubuntu i have had no problems running anything. Ever.

For my windows apps that wont run in WINE. I’ve installed XP in a Virtual Machine and have not had any problems with that either.

Although, Vista IS the Anti-Christ! Well, Almost…

I guess it will become the next XP when Blackcomb comes out.
And people will be saying STAY WITH VISTA!!



All the people on our team who have complained about Vista have used it on either a Dell or a HP. I have a Sony running Vista Business and have had no problems. Someone was screwing around on my laptop, not funny at all, had to reboot it because they “accidentally” deleted a bunch of important files and drivers for wireless card.

I want an Apple. Don’t have that kind of money, so XP it is. Soon as my new primary machine is finished, the laptop will be converted into an Ubuntu machine, if I can ever get it working. Stupid LiveCD won’t recognize my laptop screen, even with the special parameters.