Norcal teams attending the Central Valley regional

256 will be attending the Central Valley Regional this year, and we were wondering what other NorCal teams are doing in terms of travel. From what I’ve been told, going from our location, San Jose, to Madera is about an hour drive or so. This being said, are teams driving an hour back and forth each day, or will your team be staying at a motel?


about 2 and a half hours for us and we are more than likely going to stay in a hotel for the competition

Def about 2.5 hour drive. I highly recommend teams to stay at the nearby hotels.

I recommend taking a look here:

Hotels here, we worked out a deal with most local Hotel places.

Team Resources:

I highly recommend the Marriot and the Hampton Inn, teams have stayed there during the Throwdown and have loved both hotels!

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Thanks R.C!

Heres the official list of events in 2012. Click on the central valley regional and which teams are registered.

Quick highlights: 368 from Hawaii, and 3794 from Mexico.

Marc, I don’t think that’s the answer the OP was looking for.

The question was not “What Norcal teams are attending the Central Valley Regional?”, which is what you answered.

The question was, “Are Norcal teams attending the Central Valley Regional driving to competition each day from their base, or staying at a hotel/motel in the area of the regional?”

For SuperNerd, don’t ask how fast whoever told you it was an hour drive drives! Google Maps has the fast time at 2:18 from San Jose to Madera (via US101S/CA152E–the northern routes add about 1/2 hour).

As an example from the perspective of a Los Angeles team: The first (asked) question would be like the L.A. Regional’s move to Long Beach a few years back (+1/2-1 hour to the commute for the more northern L.A. teams); the real time would be more like asking that question for an L.A. team going to the San Diego Regional. Definitely not a commute situation!

Ah, i see,

On that note 973 is traveling 2.5 hours and we are staying in a hotel.

If you are quick, it is an all day bike ride. It would be good to go on some training rides first though to get in shape. Words of experience.

Ok then Austin, let’s make a deal. If you can get your team(s) to bicycle to the regional, we’ll do it to, along with pulling our robot and everything needed in the pit behind us! :slight_smile:

Your best bet is to find a place to stay and go there Wednesday night. I lived near there for 5 years and the fog is at times is very heavy. Since there may or may not be fog you are best to plan for it. The major traffic pile ups and head on collisions are in the mourning hours. If 192 had signed up I would have recommenced to plan on not having people driving across the valley between 5 AM and 10 AM. If no fog you have no problem but if you have that ground fog it is not worth. The students are worth more.

Lets change the deal slightly. I have already biked from San Jose to Madera (Ask RC if you don’t believe me). That means one person on my team has biked, so one person from your team should bike. :stuck_out_tongue:

Pulling a robot would probably make it a 2 day trip, or a 3 day trip…

We will be attending (Team 1678) I cant wait for this brand new regional :D. Everyone is talking about how its going to change the face of FIRST in California. Any ideas or rumors about whats going to happen?

The Regional is a test for the New California Model, it should be fun!

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New? What are they doing differently? Do you think this “new” system will be implemented into the rest of California and all of the new regionals? Now I want CVR to come faster!

Whats the California model?

Hi all, first time on CD , we got a little bummed out that it is the same week as Vegas ,our team has used Vegas as the home event for 11 years and dont want to give up going there, we also want to know how it works in a HS gym compaired to a event center.

While at the Madtown Throwdown we saw a picture of the complex and it was really nice. The CVR will not take place in the small Madera high school gym.

Jim Beck (WestCoast Regional Director) has been proposing a model that is similar to the Michigan model.

I don’t know how much is 100% public, but things we are doing differently:

-Side by Side super high school sporting event gyms.

-Multiple practice fields

-Bigger pits

-Outside food allowed along with considerably higher quality food along with cheaper prices for drinks

-Water in the pits

-Cheaper regional - New ideas here.
–Such as saving around $20,000 on the venue etc…

And a few other small tid bits to hopefully make regionals better.

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Very cool thanks for the info , and thanks Roy ,we just saw Hs hope the week changes

It seems like its going to be a great regional. A lot of big powerhouse teams are competing. Not to mention I think that this regional is going to have the most teams competing compared to any other regional in the Western U.S. Its going to be awesome