NorChamps AP Study Groups?

I didn’t know where else to post this so I thought I’d try here. I’m so excited to go to STL champs, but the realization just hit me I have AP testing the day after I get back.

Since I’m sure a bunch of us here are in the same boat, I thought the situation would be more bearable to have a couple study groups for APs; nothing official, just to be able to have some company as we cram and caffeinate, and maybe answer questions for each other.

Specifically I have AP Chem, and Psych the Monday right after champs, so I was thinking for that, but also Spanish Lang, US, or English Lang and Comp. I’ve taken a couple last year so maybe I could help you with Bio, World, or Stats. My team will be at Hyatt Regency by the Arch. If you’re interested PM me, or post here ig.