Normal IO Push Button on the Digital Sidecar

Does anyone know of a way I can connect a normal open close push button, using only power (negative and positive) connectors, to the Digital Sidecar?

I’m from the same team, and we’re trying to set up an auto shutoff for a motor based on a sensor switch. In order to simulate this, since we don’t have the switch yet, we’re using a pushbutton. Any help would be appreciated.

To connect a button or switch to the Digital Sidecar you use the ground (-) and signal pins, not the power (+) pin.

Anything you want your code to know about MUST use the signal pin to “signal” the cRIO. That’s the only way your code can “hear” anything.

So connect the switch ground to (-) on the Sidecar and the switch (+) to the signal pin on the Sidecar.

Thanks a lot man, I’ll try this out first thing in the morning.

Make sure you connect it to the digital I/O pins - the same place you’d plug in an encoder.