North Bay Regional (2016)

With only a few days left to go, I thought I’d go ahead and get this thread started.

Here’s the full list of teams:


It looks like it’ll be a really fun event. We have the Former World Champions Team 1241, 2014 North Bay Regional Champions Team 188, 2016 New York Tech Valley RCA Winners Team 229, 2015 North Bay Regional Champions Team 1310 and Team 2013, 2015 FIRST Championship Carson Division Winners Team 1325, and 2014 & 2015 North Bay Regional RCA Winners Team 1305.

Anyone looking for more information about resources available for teams and spectators should go to

Be sure to follow @NBayRegionalFRC]( for the latest news and updates.

The live stream will be available over at

I’ll be one of the Game Announcers this weekend, and I’m looking forward to calling some amazing robot action!

229 is excited to make the trek up to North Bay for the first time! Are the match videos usually archived afterwards?

2706 is excited to be there! We had a great time at our first regional, GTR Central, a few weeks ago. We are a brand new community team from Ottawa (though some of us have been to NB before with other teams) - we are looking forward to meeting and competing with everyone!

865 is also excited to attend. (we aren’t on the list because we signed up late)

We’re excited to have you! This will be the first time we’ve had an American team join us. Matches are archived afterwards on WatchFIRSTNow.

Our good friend and videographer Patrick Gilbert has already begun production on this year’s wrap video. After debuting his first in 2014, it’s become one of the highlights on Saturday afternoon during Closing Ceremonies.

To get everyone hyped for this year’s competition he’s put together a little trailer with some highlights from the past two years: North Bay Regional 2016 Hype Trailer

Here are the previous wrap videos:

North Bay Regional 2015 Wrap Video
North Bay Regional 2014 Wrap Video

Only one more day left!

Can’t wait to see everyone and all the action this weekend!

In the meantime, a curious post went up on the Cybergnomes #2013 Facebook page earlier today…

This weekend at the North Bay Regional, Cybergnomes will be revving up the newest addition to their 2016 robot aresenal known only at this time as “The Rapunzel Device”.

It sounds like they’ve built a Climber. That will be a big strategic advantage if they can deploy it successfully!

Will all the matches be posted somewhere? Full matches?


Yes, matches will be posted on under Archives, search for the North Bay Regional. Alternatively, you can search for a particular team and only their matches will be displayed.

Have they been posted already?


No, they haven’t been posted yet. It could be a few days until it updates.

Special congrats to team 1310 Runnymede Robotics, who helped us immensely this season, on their regional win!

Anyone know what happened in quaterfinals 3 match 2 so that Red got 0 for the match?

I believe 2013 was given a red card for intentional flipping of 1325.

It was NOT intentional. If it was our strategy to push over a robot we would hit with our back end. With Rhino Tracks when we push from the front we ride up onto robots and nearly flip ourselves. It has happened to us at GTRE. Having worked hard over the past two years to instill a culture of respect on our teams (our Vex team has won awards for GP and refusing to press for DQs even when they were clearly allowed) this comes as a real kick in the gut from FRC.

We are currently, as a team, writing a response to the dismissal of our concerns by FIRST executives over the lack of fair play in FRC matches in general and over several issues that took place at the event.

I just wanted to make it clear on CD that this is not our style of gameplay.

Please understand that our issue is with FIRST. We love the North Bay Regional and all the friendliness that surrounds it. Kudos to all of the volunteers, organizers, Nipissing University and the City of North Bay for throwing such a great party!

Oh, I wasn’t saying it was intentional, just that that was the call. I think everyone in the arena besides the refs thought it wasn’t intentional.

Thanks Jay. You have no idea how much I appreciate hearing that! We have been to regionals where we haven’t made elims. We have been to regionals where our robot has died repeatedly. We have never left an event feeling so demoralized and defeated by events as this one so thank you for those words.

Kinda hard too see you guys go like that. We know that isn’t not your play style and can vouch for you if anyone thinks that way. The best thing to do is to reload and get ready for Western Canada and show the rest of first that it was a mistake and that it won’t slow you down. 4627 awaits you revival down here in Calgary. Best of luck too you guys and see you in a week.

I won’t pass judgement on whether I felt it was intentional or not, but I felt horrible that you would be sent home on that one call. I can’t imagine going through that! At least you should know that your bot is certainly one of the most respected, and certainly the most physically feared in the world.