North Carolina Kickoff Events Cancelled

This email came from Marie Hopper earlier:

In the interest of keeping our students, mentors and volunteers safe, we are cancelling all of the NC Kick-Off events. (Several other states are in the same situation so we are not alone in our decision to cancel.)

Teams can still watch the broadcast from the safety of home here.

Teams will be able to access the game manual once it is unecrypted here.

We will be in touch with details on how/when/where to pick up your KOP as soon as we can.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.


More details will be coming about when and where teams can pickup their KOP. I’ll post details here once I know them via Marie’s emails.

How is 900 going to be meeting? We’re splitting up into house groups because we can, but I can’t imagine that you guys will be able to get the other half of your team together at the build space. Also is the school letting buses leave for extracurriculars?

And to answer your question in a previous thread,

“Durham - We are waiting for word on the likelihood of the school closing on Saturday.
Back-up plan: The KOP will be available for pick up at Durham Academy on Monday and Tuesday.”

“NCSU - We are waiting for word on the likelihood of campus closing on Saturday.
Back-up plan: The KOP will be available for pickup either at NCSU or another location on Sunday.”

We will be gathering in our secret underground strategy lair (webex and GoToMeeting) and settling in with pizza and caffeine prior to the snowmageddon.

They can build a robot in 6 hours, so they don’t need to start meeting for months… :wink:

Alt answer - Marshall’s house actually has a secret underground lair. They’ve slowly been building tunnels out under the whole region so they can carry out their plots.

You guys are both wrong. We’ve already built our 2017 robot:

This conveniently fits in the unbag time for our first district event!

Unfortunately you’ll have to completely disassemble, remake any custom parts, and reassemble because you started building before kickoff.

Standard disclaimer about this years’ rules not being the same.

I knew you guys had the best cave sponsor

Oh Raleigh, you and your snowmageddon…

Yetis have to deal with snow all the time right? Therefore I think we will meet Saturday afternoon at the Zone once the snow stops falling but we will watch the broadcast from our homes. We will also open up Sunday for nearby teams to come get their kits and see the mock field.

Be safe out there!

Indeed be careful out there. Yetis can look like Wampas to some people.

My FRC team’s mascot is a yeti (and the FTC team is a snowbot). But, we live in Michigan, and there’s over 2 ft of snow cover here, and about 100 inches have fallen so far this season.

And we’re hosting a kickoff during a Lake Effect Snow Advisory.

Yes, well, Michigan has a fleet of snowplows. NC has like 2 for the whole state. We don’t do snow here. Seriously, no one here should really be driving during this stuff. We just aren’t prepared for it.

I love the snow. But does it really need to come this weekend?:frowning:

:frowning: Has this happened before, where a ton of kickoff events have to be cancelled because of the weather?

This may be because it’s occurring in Southern states where people aren’t used to driving in snow and ice.

Yeah, which implies that this is pretty unusual weather for all y’all. (See, I can speak Southern too! :stuck_out_tongue: )

Good luck guys, and stay safe…

It’s not all that unusual, there just isn’t infrastructure to remove the snow when it piles up.

i dont know about you guys but im glad the weather decided to nerf southeastern robotics because we have been too overpowered for too long

Help your communities that aren’t prepared for the snow and build some robotic snowthrowers. :cool:

Also, just because you live in an area that gets a decent amount of snowfall, it doesn’t mean that everyone there knows how to drive in it. Be safe, everyone!