North Carolina Regional

Hi i know its only 9 days a way i was just wondering where everyone is staying 2228 is staying at the embassy crabtree and good luck to all teams

Good luck to all teams competing at the first-ever North Carolina Regional. I am excited to be the Lead Robot Inspector. I hear we have a crew of 16 inspectors total, so the inspection process should be a good one.

Andy Baker

I can’t wait for North Carolina and the 15 hour car ride! :slight_smile: Oh and the fact that we all will be wearing some awesome socks! :cool:

16 inspectors - Wow !

1311 is staying at Embassy Suites RTP

Oscar is staying at the Best Western Raleigh North.

Andy Baker and 16 inspectors! Very awesome!

Andy Baker once inspected by himself all 400 robots at Championships in 1 day.

I hardly see the need for 16 more inspectors!:rolleyes:

1902 is excited to headed up to NC, and with Andy as inspector we’ll finally find out if our bot passes the Baker test!

Only a week +1 til we ship out.

2415 will be at the Hampton Inn! Looking forward to the inaugural NC Regional! :smiley:

i just wanted to say good luck to all teams and lets make this a great inaugral event

2 days until we leave, I can’t wait!:yikes:

Faster i get my homework done the faster it comes!:smiley:

today is just going so slow two days until we leave i cannot wait as so far i have no homework today

Ouch! I have less than half the amount of time to do my calculus HW, then an AP chem test + HW and work on annotating sources for my research paper (although I might just do that in the car)!:wink:

oh i so feel your pain i look forward to competing with you guys in nc i cant wait i look forward to the 80 degree weather

Yes, heat will be nice, 30’s aren’t so nice when there is no snow!:rolleyes:

All three West Virginia teams are headed to NC. Think we can all wear our WVU shirts on Saturday afternoon? We have made changes to control the ball better and should be a better scorer than in Pittsburgh. Looking forward to the trip.

I can’t wait. The team social should be pretty good too.

48 will be staying at the Fairfield Inn Crabtree. The bulk of the team is leaving Wednesday evening early and arriving right at the start of the event on Thursday. Hurray for cost savings.

I, on the other hand, will be coming down with 379 a day earlier, because I don’t fancy spending all day on my feet immediately after spending all night on a cramped bus. :slight_smile:

Raleigh Weather:

yep all of 2228 is leaving at 600 in the morning for the 13 hour bus ride down yeah cant wait

We have the flying WV on our bot…Were we all in Pittsburgh while the Backyard Brawl was in Morgantown last year?

I can’t wait; this looks like it’s going to be a very deep regional in terms of robot quality.

2614 will be in the Crabtree as well.

very cool maybe talk some strategy

My family of volunteers (myself, your head ref and a scorekeeper) are excited to be there! I have no idea where we’re staying though, and we may be bringing another volunteer from our FIRST family :slight_smile: